I’m Dr Sue Greenwood

I’m the Associate Head for Production at York St John University, leading courses across media and music production, and I also teach on our¬† journalism and media courses.

I write about and research journalism’s future and I’m interested in the relationship between news and technology. I’m really interested in how Facebook is upending the relationship between news and citizens and how the news and information we access most frequently affects our political thinking and debates.

Before York St John, I was at Staffordshire University where I launched and led the UK’s first BA (Hons) Games Journalism & PR. I still love games and I’m really interested in news games and immersive journalism. I also think the gaming world and it’s social and economic impact is massively under-reported. It should not only be about what to buy.

In the past, I’ve been the news editor at three local newspapers; the managing editor of Northcliffe’s news websites from Lincoln to Aberdeen; started up two news publishing products of my own and co-launched a cocktail party business.

I’ve been a photographer, a journalist, a media manager and an arts funder and worked in the private sector, public sector and voluntary sector. I’ve handled ¬£million-pound budgets and I’ve made sandwiches at British Home Stores.

This is my professional portfolio site. Welcome.